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    Post by Jen76 on Thu Apr 30, 2015 9:28 am

    Hi All Very Happy I'm a newbie to this forum and am looking for a bit of help. I've been making & gifting my own soaps and body products for a number of years now and I have finally come to a point where I have started looking into selling some of my products online (just online no markets or anything). So apart from the usual NICNAS rego and all the other business stuff ABN Etc i also need some liability Insurance.

    Well, i am soooo disheartened. I love soap making, it's one of my passions in life and i feel as though all of my dreams have been crushed Crying or Very sad . I've spent several hours today researching this topic online only to discover that nobody wants to insure me and the only people that will cost the earth!!

    anyone got any suggestions in relation to this topic?

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