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    Fragrance oils


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    Fragrance oils Empty Fragrance oils

    Post by Saruh on Thu May 28, 2015 4:48 pm

    Hey everyone.

    This is sort of a two part post.

    My first question is.. Does anyone know of anywhere I can get fragrance oils that duplicate avon scents? I got the fragrance oil 'little black dress' from Aussie candle supplies and had a friend who is a rep from avon sell it to their customers. I've now been asked multiple times to make more avon fragranced soap but can't find any other fragrances anywhere.

    My second question is.. Does anyone know of anywhere that sells TESTED fragrance oils in CP soap cheap? I currently use Aussie Soap Supplies, of whom I absolutely love, but their fragrances are quite expensive. I use Aussie candle supplies soap safe fragrances for my melt and pour batches, but Ive had the few that I've tested from them perform badly in CP, and don't really have the time or funds to test all of them, which is a pitty because they're so cheap!

    If anyone could recommend a cheaper retailer who has tested their fragrances in CP, please let me know Smile.

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    Fragrance oils Empty Re: Fragrance oils

    Post by SoapDreamer on Sat Nov 05, 2016 2:54 am

    I live in NZ and have great difficulty in getting fragrance oils/ essential oils at a reasonable price. This is the most expensive bit of the whole process. And lets face it most people sniff the soap first!!. Also we are extremely limited here for choice. I read articles and forums relateing to soapers in the USA and they are spoilt for choice. I have used Aussie Soaps but have to spend at least A$100 from them to allow postage overseas. I make my soaps mainly as a hobby and will do the ocassional market but have trouble justifying the cost of ingredients. And I love soapmaking!!! Anyone out there with an idea of where I can get cheaper soaping supplies?? I'd love to hear. cheers Helenz

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