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    Post by Artisan Soaps on Wed Jun 01, 2011 9:38 am

    Hi Everyone, I actually found my way here tonight while trying to find an Aussie/Kiwi Facebook group mentioned in another forum lol ..

    Looks pretty quite but I decided to sign up anyway .. For those who don't already know me my name is Clare, or Clear (friends call me both so whatever works for you is fine by me) .. And I've been soaping for a couple of years now, specializing in RTCP Castile and Salt Spa Bars .. I also make lotions, balms, body butters, scrubs, masks, cleanser, & conditioner .. I've played around with surfactants too however I'm not very happy with the results as yet ..

    Oh and I'm an Aussie girl who has made New Zealand her home for the last 13 years Very Happy

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