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    Honey in soap.... how much can you add?


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    Honey in soap.... how much can you add? Empty Honey in soap.... how much can you add?

    Post by Claire on Mon Sep 12, 2011 11:45 am

    I've got senstive skin that seems to get irritated by some essential oils (especially the ones I like Sad ). Anyway, I'd still like the soap I make to smell of something and have been trying out some honey recipes..

    My question is how much honey can I get away with adding? scratch

    I recently made a batch with 5% honey i.e 5% of the base oils, so 34 g of honey in total of 681 g oil - Olive (90%) + Castor (10%), 6% lye discount, 20% water discount.

    I used my small wooden mold (holds about 900 mL) which has quite thick walls. When I cut it 2 days later it was slightly crumbly instead of having that nice "like cutting soft cheese" feel to it.

    Is this cos it overheated in the mold? Should I use a thinner walled mold and/or chill it in the freezer after pouring? or is 5% just too much honey? I had a smidge of beeswax in there as well (4g) as read somewhere it prevents ash forming.. It didn't totally work as had some ash - could the beeswax also be contributing to it overheating?

    On the plus side, the colour is good and it smells nice + it seems to be solid enough to use Cool , just doesn't look so lovely where it was cut due to it crumbling a bit.

    Also has anyone had experience with using beeswax to prevent ash forming? how much did you use?


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